Hopewell Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.
AN ISO 9001:2000 COMPANY


Mita Guha (MD) - Managing Director
Managing Director of Hopewell Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Mita Guha, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the Managing Director of Hopewell Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., a company which has grown multifold under her stewardship. The current growth rate of the company is about 20-25% per annum..

Mita Guha, now a lady known for ceramics and ceramic colors, has not only carved a niche for herself and her company in domestic market but even has put herself beyond the country's boundaries.

Mita Guha, a lady of colors, has also been able to turn around the company from a nucleus to a profit making venture. It is her acumen that she is skillfully handling the matters relating to marketing, finance and even Production. She is very much conscious about the product quality. It has become a system in Hopewell Ceramics that every consignment of finished goods needs quality approval from her before delivery.

She is highly conscious about the customers and their preferences. She is maintaining harmonious relations with the suppliers, customers and bankers. Due to her strenuous efforts coupled with the relentless efforts and relations of her husband, Mr. Swapan Guha, a well known ceramist nationally and internationally, the company has been awarded with PE-2 rating by CRISIL an external rating agency

She is now a director in M/s Hopewell Tableware P. Ltd. which is embarking upon a project of manufacturing melamine crockery in Govindgarh, Sikar Road, and Jaipur in a big span of land admeasuring 17000 square meters with a project cost of nearly Rs.8.00crore. She is extending her moral support to her husband, Mr. Swapan Guha who is instrumental in bringing up this project in association with an Indian fame company, M/s UPC Hitkari which does not need any introduction in the ceramic and crockery market. The company which will start with melamine crockery shall eventually come up with glass ware and bone china crockery too.

Mrs. Mita Guha is amongst the pioneer lady entrepreneurs from Jaipur, who are considered to be leading lady entrepreneur in terms of doing business with excellence, dedication and commitment.

On 8th March 2011, on the eve of Womens' Day she has been felicitated by PHD Chamber of Commerce for her excellent performance as lady entrepreneur in India in the field of ceramic business. She was selected form Rajasthan state among the 21 person felicitated all over India.

Awarded by - Dy. General Manager Shri A.R. Mishra (Circle Head) and Chief Manager Shri Anil Jain, Punjab National Bank, VKI Area Branch, for Customer Interaction on 19th July, 2008
Mrs Sudha Pillai(left), IAS (Former Member Secretary-Planning Commission of India and Chairperson UNESCO-INDIA) With Mrs. Mita Guha
Mrs. Mita Guha (Extreme right corner in the first row) is attending inaugural session of Ceraglass 2010