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Swapan Guha - Padmashree
Shri Swapan Guha, the oly recipient of the coveted “Padmashri Award” in the 2012, for his contribution in to the field of ceramics and Glass. Hi has been bestowed with various other prestigious national awards like:
Year of Birth : 1957
Present Address : A-17, Manish Marg, Nemi Nagar, Gandhi Path, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
His factories# Created Hopewell Ceramics, India’s 2nd Largest opal glass manufacturing company Created Jaipur Ceramic Pvt. Ltd (JCPL) in 1995 Modernised Bharat Potteries Ltd. in 1988 Associated with Kerela Ceramics in 1985 Assoociated with Nagarjuna Group.
Current Designation :


Mr. Swapan Kumar Guha (B.1957) is a fellow of the Institute of Ceramic. He Started his career with Kerala Ceramics Ltd ( Kerala Government Undertaking) as a Research & Development Officer under guidelines of Sh.Gopal Krishana Pillai IAS, present Secretary of Home Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and the guidelines of Mrs. Sudha Pillai IAS , present Member Secretary of Planning Commission, Govt. of India.

He developed different Bone China and Stoneware Bodies, Glazes and Colors which gave him encouraging result and his products are very much appreciated and reputed Hotels ( Taj Group, Welcome Group, ITC etc, and also Indian Airlines, )

After his stint with Kerala Ceramics Ltd., he left for Jaipur and joined Bharat Potteries Ltd., as Technical Advisor In 1988. When he joined Bharat Potteries it was a very small Unit with downdraft systems of firing which we can find plenty in Khurja and anywhere in India. Since then the challenge and urge was burning within the mind to make something new. He introduced Bone China with Bharat Potteries. During his tenure he had the opportunity to visit Italy and France for Trade Fairs which were purely technical. He also visited a number of factories in these countries. Later he jointed NCL Industries Ltd., of Nagarjuna Group in Hyderabad as General Manager, Works and was promoted as General Manager, Bone China and Stoneware.


When Mr.Guha was in Hyderabad he was contacted by a renowned group from Jaipur who were known to him for a long time, that they wanted to setup a World Class Crockery Unit. When Mr.Guha came to Jaipur they showed a Agriculture Land on which they wanted to build this Plant. Mr.Guha immediately accepted the offer because of the challenge to give birth to a dream project which would be implemented through his brain. Within 9 months he completed the project and finally this was inaugurated by Mr.Bhairon Singh Shekawat who was then the chief minister of Rajasthan and former Vice- President of India. During the building of the project Mr.Guha visited Korea, Hong Kong to a number Industries in Porcelains, Stoneware and Bone China.


Since inception of the project of JCPL from a barren land Mr.Guha has used his own skill knowledge, experience and technology which had adopted during his life. Today JCPL is a 100% indigenous factory making crockery which is the single largest Bone China Plant in India. This Plant is giving employment to 700 People apart from Senior Supervisors. Most of the complicated machineries have been developed in-house under his supervision which has saved huge costs to the company. Mr.Guha has developed soft porcelain, Stoneware, Earthenware, Artware apart from Bone China. Within the factory he has also developed Printing Plant for Transfer sheets. Frits, Colors, Refractories and Mould which makes the plant self sufficient to produce the best quality of crockery. Within a period of 3 years the factory was awarded ISO-9002. During this tenure of 6 years Mr.Guha had the opportunity to Visit China, Europe, UK a number of times. He was also sponsored to visit Thailand by UNIDO to study t he traditional crafts.Today JCPL boasts to exporting most of the products to United Kingdom, Europe, USA, and Australia and many other countries. United Kingdom is the Home town of Bone China which has a history of 300 years and they boast of making the finest crockery in world. It is an achievement that with the hard work and dedication of the team work of JCPL they are able to give a very big competition to the people who introduced Bone China to the world. Even today it is a threat for them to be afraid of India to face competition because of the excellent quality and quantity we are able to offer to the consumers in UK. Looking to the popularity due to quality of the products,constant research & development for improvement in quality which they can match with any International quality the whole production would be exported. To meet the additional demand Mr.Guha along with his dedicated team is setting up another Bone China Crockery Unit and with this expansion we shall be the largest Bone china Unit in Asia. The most distinguishing part of this Industry is that it provides a lot of employment to the local people and also helps them in becoming killed labor which will help them in upliftment from the poor to well to do labor which is beneficial in the interest of the Country.


When we look to the humanitarian part in the inner core of a person we are very much aware that during the year 2000-2004 Rajasthan has face the severest drought and famine like conditions Mr. Guha has taken a lot of pains n interacting with the local villagers and has tired to accommodate all the local villagers in the factory by giving team employment and also to look into the welfare of the people. He has also promoted two local schools by adopting them for the children to be educated. Due to the employment this has given a lot of opportunity to the villages which gave setup shops and trade and also small ancillary units which gives them business.


It was also the dream of Mr. Guha to go to backward integration that put an idea to make colors which were to be used in producing Crockery. Propelled by this sole idea he has setup a separate company only to produce colors, Stains and chemicals which are to be used in all Ceramics Industries specially Tiles, Sanitary Ware. Here also all the machineries were manufactured within the factory and even substitution of imported machinery has been done to save foreign exchange. There is also lot of exports to all the major countries in the world. We have been able to get ISO-9001 within a period of 6 Month which is an achievement.


Due to availability of Natural Gas in Andhra Pradesh and with his vision for the future Mr.Guha has setup a factory near Vishakapatnam for manufacture of Zircon and other allied products.


Rajasthan is famous for their traditional hand painting on canvas and there are a lot of rural artisans living in Villages who create traditional art in paintings. To introduce and experiment on Bone China Crockery Mr.Guha has been very much appreciated by the Art people. Mr.Guha has been very successful in creation Terracotta by giving them a new vision for decorative art.

TIFAC (Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council) :

Mr. Guha is associated with TIFAC which is a Government Organization setup under Ministry of Science & Technology. He is the Chairman of the Apex Committee for Technology vision 2020 Mission Project relating to rural technology.

The main objective under TIFAC is to create awareness amongst the Rural Potter about the recent technologies for up-gradation of pollution free Furnace, environment friendly glazes, introduce value added products, create new market, adopt new technologies being developed by the various institutes, develop new areas for creation of employment. Lot of initiative has been taken in the different States.

During the 64th annual Session of the Indian Ceramics Society which was held in Hyderabad in the year 2001 one presentation of 100% Vegetarian Crockery was given which was developed indigenously. Dr.R.Chidambaram was the Hon'ble Chief Guest and when he saw the products he appreciated the same. Later Dr.Chidambaram invited and explained about the activities of TIFAC. It was very impressive and the proposal was readily accepted to Join TIFAC.

A brainstorming workshop in Jaipur was organized under the Chairmanship of Dr. R.Chidambaram, Mr. Laxmi Das,Chairman Akhil Bharatiya Gramodhyog Mahasnag, Dr. D.N. Singh, Advisor TIFAC, Director of CGCRI, Dr. H.S. Maiti, Director CSIR, Dr. K.N.Matiti Director CGCRI, Ahmedabad, along with other ceramic dignitaries and also Rural Potters from Rajasthan and Gujarat. During the session it was agreed that AVGM and TIFAC will have a joint venture and will work together for the development of pottery by up gradation of technology so that the per capita income of the rural potter should increase and they should have better resource. Even a workshop was sponsored jointly by TIFAC, AVGM and JCPL.

After this session one seminar in Gujarat was organized and local porters, small scale manufacturers in ceramics line, Govt. Officials and local civic bodies were invited for coordination.

Later one project was taken up in Gujarat under the name of Shree Sarvoday Glaze Pottery Sahakti Mandal Ltd., by Mr. Narin Das Prajapati. Many Artisans have been trained under strict supervision and now they are working nicely with the new technology. One successful seminar was organized near Delhi in Uttam Nagar which was attended by over 100 artisans and potters.

In Tehsil Chomu near Jaipur one seminar was held at Harota Village which was attended by all the leading Government officials, Patwaries, SDM, and Rural Potters.

Recently one artisan had come from Govt.Art Collage, Kolkata and he has been given training by him in the field of design and shape which is his area of interest. He is still undergoing training and then he will go back to his collage and share his experience. In Bhubaneshawar (Orissa) an exhibition cum seminar was organized by RRL (Regional Research laboratory) Bhubaneshawar where a wide range of products were displayed of Terra-Cotta and other Ceramics Items suitable for rural potters .This was highly appreciated by al the dignitaries.

Technical and financial assistance to Subarna Ashram, 24-Parganas, West Bengal for up-gradation and moderation of their plant was given. This will help the local artisans and potters to learn the new technique also. They have agreed to train the local rural peoples because of the whole experience they have.

Former Vice President of India Late Bhairon Singh Shekhawat had recommended specially one very upcoming and brilliant student to learn the art of pottery and that student had completed successfully his training and he is now engaged in his village in Rajasthan to develop cluster of rural-based pottery industry.


Various activities had been undertaken in projects in Mehsana Village for up-gradation of technology and introducing new value added products benefiting the rural potter.


CGCRI (Central Glass & Ceramics Research Institute), Kolkata has taken over one Ceramic Unit situated in Bankura District of CCRD (Center for Ceramic Research & Development) 15 years ago which was a very prestigious unit which was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of West Bangal Late Mr.Jyoti Basu and Late Mr.Nurul Hassan, Governor of West Bengal.

Unit became sick and was closed. They then approached TIFAC for assistance. Mr. Guha visited Bankura District several times and took responsibilities to help the artisans who were involved in the project. The Artisans were given thorough training in Jaipur and were taught in the different field to technique, product development, designs, and process. They have under gone all the changes and the project completed within 2 months. This was a very big challenge for Mr.Guha and this is because of his efforts that it has been possible to achieve in such a short time. This will help the artisans of Bankura, West Bangal.


Projects have been stared in village of Kalwad, district Jaipur and constant supervision and Training are being provided from time to time. A cluster will be developed very soon.


Training is provided to one girl from Bangalore who will be responsible to develop this technology in rural areas in the State of Karnatak and will provide training to other artisans.


Mr.Guha has been awarded with the famous Madan Gopal Bhagat Award from All India Pottery Manufacturers Association in 1998 for the best contribution in Ceramics Industry. He has also been awarded with Prof. Sasadhar Roy Memorial Award in 1999 for Industrial Excellence by Indian Ceramic Society (All India) which is the oldest Society of Ceramic in India. Mr.Guha had been elected as joint Secretary of Indian Ceramics Society continuously for 2 successive years because of his immense popularity and contribution towards the Ceramic Industry. Due to his relations and humble behavior he is most popular in the Indian Ceramics Society which is the largest and oldest organization catering to the Ceramic Field he has been getting the highest votes for being a council Member since 1996.

Mr.Guha was elected as President of all India Pottery Manufacturers association (AIPMA 2005-2007).

He is now the President of Indian Ceramic Society-All India since 2008.


Indian Ceramic Society is one of the oldest bodies representing a vide field of industries like Sanitary, Cement, Ceramic Tiles, Refractories, Blue Potteries, Ceramic Table ware, Bio-ceramics, Advanced Ceramics and different academic institutes like Material, Science Department of Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Kharagpur, Kanpur, Varanasi Hindu University, Science Collage of Calcutta University and other regional engineering collages. In India there are 4000 members, out of which only 16 Council Members are elected for a period of two years. From 1996 onwards total five elections have been held and he has secured the highest votes from northern zone as a council member and for the term 2000-02, 2002-04, 2004-06 he was elected thrice as Jt. Secretary unopposed. It shows his immense popularity in Indian Ceramic Society and various Ceramic Industries.


He has been selected by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) in the year 2002 which consisted of eminent scientist and Industrialist to visit Thailand to study the Industry and rural pottery.

He has been traveling regularly since last 15 years to Europe, UK, China, South Korea, and Hong Kong, Bangladesh for aggravation of Indian Tableware/Pottery technology. He has also participated in several exhibitions abroad especially in Europe.

In October 2009, he was invited by the Organizing Committee of Ceramitech-2009 at Munich Germany to deliver a presentation on "Overview of Indian Pottery Industry".

In 2010, a Ceramic Fair in the name Cera Glass-2010 was organized in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This was jointly organized by Govt. of India, Govt. of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Industrial Investment Corporation (RIICO), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Indian Ceramic Society-All India. This is the largest international fair in Ceramics held in India. Mr. Swapan Guha was the Principal Coordinator of this big event.

Mr. Guha is in Bone China Tableware Industry for last 30 years. He has become a brand name in this industry.

Modernization of Bone China tableware industry has been taken place under his leadership.

He started commercial production of bone china tableware in Bharat Potteries in 1988. This was the beginning of formation of Bone China Tableware hub in Jaipur.

Over the years he has developed different types of body and glaze compositions for Bone China Tableware through extensive R&D. These new compositions gave the Indian Bone China the superior quality and commercial viability. Ultimately the Indian Bone China tableware replaced the world famous English bone china in London market.

He founded JCPL in 1995. This company has become the leader in export of Bone China Tableware in India.

Last year (2009) JCPL received the award for best quality tableware from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Big names in Bone China Tableware Industry like U.P. Ceramics Ltd, Oasis Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., are all flourished under his guidance. They have installed most advanced machineries and incorporated new technologies for bone china production with the technical support from Mr. Guha. They are now producing quality product at commercially competitive rates.

The largest and most modernized bone china tableware unit is coming up at Morbi, Gujarat by Sona Ceramics. This unit is also being developed under the guidance of Mr. Guha.

Padmashree for outstanding contribution in ceramic industry in the year 2012
Padmashree for outstanding contribution in ceramic industry in the year 2012
Padmashree Award

Padma Shri awardee Mr Swapan Guha, Chairman and Managing Director, Hopewell Tableware Pvt Ltd, was felicitated on the opening day of CeraGlass India 2012, and the award was given by honorable minister of industries, Mr. Rajendra Pareek. He has been associated with bone china tableware sector for three decades and has set up industrial units in three villages of Rajasthan providing employment to over 1,200 local people. A fellow of the Indian Institute of Ceramics, 55-year-old Guha started a bone-china tableware unit named Jaipur Ceramics Pvt. Ltd at Rajawas village near Jaipur. JCPL is exporting its 60 per cent of products to Australia, South Korea and European countries. In 2002, Guha, started another project Hopewell Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. At the occasion, Mr L.K. Maheshwari, former Chief General Manager, RIICO, was also felicitated for his contribution to the ceramic and glass industry.
Mr. Swapan Guha (left) with Mr. G.K. Pillai, IAS (Former Secretary-Ministry of Home, Govt. Of India & Former Secretary- Ministry of Commerce)
Mr. Swapan Guha delivers lecture in the inaugural session of Ceraglass 2010. On stage (Clockwise from left) Mr. Shreekant Somani, CMD( SPL Ltd.), Mr. Sunil Arora, IAS (Principal Secretary Ministry of Industry Govt. of Rajasthan), Mr. Rajendra Pareek, Industry Minister Govt. of Rajasthan, Shree Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shree Anand Sharma( Minister of State for Industry Govt. of India)